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Welcome to our Projects Page! We’re excited to share our ongoing and upcoming initiatives that are set to enhance your experience at Flowing Wells Resort and Marina. From improvements to our marina facilities to the addition of new amenities and accommodations, we’re committed to making your stay with us even more enjoyable. Explore our projects below to see how we’re continually working to exceed your expectations.

Current Projects

  • DEMO – A-Dock Demolition:
    • Objective: Removal of the damaged section on A-Dock and clear space for new construction.              
  • BREAKWATER – 300’ Breakwater - Preconstruction for New Floating Homes and Marina Protection:
    • Objective: Build a breakwater to support the installation of new floating homes and for the protection of the new marina’s location while creating an appealing waterfront community.
  • NEW SLIPS – Completion of Covered Slips on B-Dock and C-Dock:
    • Objective: Finish two covered slips on C-Dock to meet the increasing demand for covered mooring options.
    • Objective: Finish three 18x48 covered slips at the end of B-Dock.
  • NEW BOAT LIFTS – Installation of New 8,000 lb. Boat Lifts:
    • Objective: Add ten new boat lifts to provide additional rental lifts for boat owners.
  • NEW SLIPS – Construction of New 16’x40’ Covered Slips (Including 8 New PWC Slips):
    • Objective: Building ten new covered slips, including dedicated Personal Watercraft (PWC) slips, to meet the growing demand for larger premium mooring spaces.
  • EXTEND MAIN MARINA WALKWAY – Install 16’x350’ Walkway to Access New D-Dock and New Floating Homes:
    • Objective: Construct a walkway to access the new D-Dock and newly built floating homes conveniently.

Future Projects

  • FUEL DOCK – Completion of Uncovered Slips on A-Dock for future Fuel Dock Relocation:
    • Objective: Finish three uncovered slips on A-Dock to accommodate future fuel dock location.
  • MARINA RESTROOMS – Installation of Floating Restrooms in the Marina:
    • Objective: Add floating restrooms to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • DRY STORAGE UNITS – Addition of 10 New 12’x35’ Dry Storage Units:
    • Objective: Expanding dry storage options with ten new units to meet the demand for secure boat and equipment storage.
  • REBUILD CABIN #17 – Construction of Cabin #17 to Replace the One Lost in the 2015 Flood:
    • Objective: Building a new 1-bedroom cabin in Sunset Village to replace one lost in a previous flood.
  • CABIN IMPROVEMENTS – Replacement of Wood-Burning Fireplaces with Electric Fireplaces in all cabins:
    • Objective: Enhancing safety, convenience, and guest experience by replacing wood-burning fireplaces with electric fireplaces in all cabins.
  • CABIN IMPROVEMENTS – Interior Improvements for all Cabins
    • Objective: Upgrading the interior of all cabins, including new flooring, sofas, and chairs for improved guest comfort (installation of new sofas and chairs completed 07/2023.)
  • PAVILION – Construction of a 30’x60’ Event and Rental Pavilion:
    • Objective: Creating a multi-purpose pavilion to create a dedicated space for gatherings, parties, and events, enhancing our customer's overall experience.

Project Feedback and Ideas

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